Hey guys, I'm sharing 4 of my favorite mac holiday lipsticks. Enjoy! More

FAB Hair Trends  for Spring

The messy Braid This trend is fabulous for the Diva on the go.  It’s chic and can be worn in the boardroom and at happy hour. The Sombre  Sombre, is the subtle more conservative cousin of Ombre. Fashion Hair Color Fashion Hair Color is back from the 80's and is clearly here to stay for a while. This trend is bold and ... More

How to shampoo your hair at home like a pro?

1. Cleanse hair with a cleansing shampoo (removes dirt and debris) 2. Follow with a moisturizing shampoo to (softens/detangles) 3. Finally, condition hair with a conditioner that is specific to hair needs (i.e. color conditioner) More


HOW TO MAKE YOUR CURLS LAST Pin Curl Steps 1. Curl hair 2. Allow curls to cool before manipulating them 3. Wrap a medium to large section of curled hair around your finger. 4.  Tightly secure the end of the curl and pin at the base   More