Dream Catcher

Discover the Secret to Great Looking Hair.

Until now, hair extensions have been messy, damaging, costly and a mediocre product at best. From Nightmares to Dream Catchers – we show you the facts. You decide the rest.








Micro-cylinder™ technology: clean, easy and non-damaging. Our system is incredibly simple and efficient. Your time in chair is two hours for a full head application and return adjustment visits are approximately one hour. Your own hair and extensions will look and feel amazing, healthy and gorgeous.


Most hair extension companies use glues, waxes, weaves or clips which are: messy and can damage your own hair. Your time in the chair is lengthy (6-8 hours) and work required by stylists is laborious and time-consuming.


The best quality hair extensions in the world! The secret to gorgeous hair is in the quality, therefore we only use 100% selected human hair. It creates that natural look as if it was all your own hair. The quality is unmatched by any other extension on the market, and in most cases, is often better than your own hair. Our extensions have a luster and shine that never diminishes. You will be knocked out!


Throwaway, cheap, poor quality hair usually from India: designed to be disposable. The hair is black in color and has to be repeatedly bleached to lighten which dramatically deteriorates its quality and look. How many blondes do you see in India? Poor quality hair extensions means cheap-looking results.


Technique and maintenance program that is revolutionizing the hair extension industry: Our extensions are reusable giving you sustained enjoyment of beautiful hair. FINALLY stylists can offer excellence to you!


To get decent results, you have to repurchase extensions EVERY 8-12 weeks.


Superior product with little, if any concerns.


Mediocre product with many drawbacks and concerns: It’s no wonder why stylists have been hesitant to offer them.

DREAMCATCHERS lets you live the dream

DreamCatchers Steps :

  1. Consultation. Hair color of extensions and style are discussed. You return to salon for full fitting and DreamCatchers application. Process takes no more than 2 hours.
  2. 4-6 weeks later, return for first adjustment. Cylinders are released, slid up the hair shaft one inch form the scalp and re-crimped. Total time: About 45-60 minutes.
  3. 6-8 weeks later, same hair extensions are removed and cylinders are replaced. Same hair extension is used. Total time: 60 minutes.
  4. This process continues until the stylist feels that new extensions should be added or changed.