Hair Extensions

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your natural hair style?  Do you want a dramatic change in your look or little more? Do you want to go from straight to curly hair? Perhaps, you suffer from breakage, thinning or damaged hair. Well, you sound like a great candidate for hair weaves and extensions.

When done properly, extensions are a healthy approach to hairstyling that allows wearers to protect their natural hair from environmental stresses and the heat of ceramic styling tools.

FAB understands the need for commercially grown hair to look and feel natural; hence, we use various techniques and supply our clients with premium virgin human hair that suits their needs and budget. We are highly trained experts and can handle any hair texture by using any one or a combination of the following methods:

  • Dream Catchers (strand by strand application)
  • Sew-in Integration
  • Bond-in Integration
  • Cap Integration (quick weave)
  • Customized Wig Caps
  • Microlinks
  • French Lace (braid less method)
  • Top Units (use in the cases of balding or thinning)

Regardless of the method you choose, your commercially grown hair will be integrated with your natural hair to produce a look that is of quality, natural and FAB. Thus, providing you with the extra confidence needed to conduct your daily activities!

Due to the intricacies and varied hair textures for best results we recommend an initial consultation to discuss your specific hair needs. Call us today (832-723-4498) to setup your free consultation!