About Us

Over the years, we at FAB the Salon noticed an influx of men and women entering our doors with what appeared to be premature hair loss. This sparked our interest which led us to investing resources into understanding the inherent issues associated with hair loss and to develop solutions to assist this segment of our clientele.

At FAB we offer non-surgical hair loss solution options at an affordable price to the working class men and women who are suffering from hair loss, baldness and hair thinning.

Our experts are not only certified in hair loss but are highly trained professional who are skilled at customizing hair systems to totally erasing that “wiggy” look. No matter what the reasons are behind your hair loss, we are committed to assisting you in finding the best hair solution that is right for you.

FAB is ready to work with you to create a flattering and natural look. We will have you looking and feeling like yourself in no time. Book your FREE Consultation and come on over! We are conveniently located 10 minutes from the Houston Galleria Mall.

A transformation awaits you!