Hair loss and thinning are common problems that affect more than 40% of all women in the United States, (American Hair Loss Association).  Hair loss not only impacts how an individual looks on the outside but can also disrupt their daily lives.

FAB the Salon has been successfully working with clients who have experienced hair loss and hair thinning for more than a decade.  The most common causes of women’s hair loss are:

FAB Hair Loss Becky After

FAB Hair Loss Becky After

FAB Hair Loss Becky Before

FAB Hair Loss Becky Before

Androgenic Alopecia

Most women with androgenic alopecia experience diffuse thinning on all areas of the scalp which is due to the action of androgens, male hormones that are typically present in only small amounts. Androgenic alopecia can be caused by a variety of factors tied to the actions of hormones, including, ovarian cysts, the taking of high androgen index birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause. Also, heredity plays a major factor in the disease.

Telogen Effluvium

Women often experience telogen effluvium six (6) weeks to three (3) months after a traumatic event (child birth, malnutrition, major surgery etc.). Telogen effluvium occurs when 90% of the hair in the growing or resting phase suddenly shifts to the shedding phase. It is possible to lose handful of hair at time when in full-blown telogen effluvium. For most who suffer from this condition complete remission is probable as long as severely stressful events can be avoided.

Anagen Effluvium

This condition is often occurs after any insult to the hair follicle that affects its metabolic activity. This hair loss is commonly associated with chemotherapy. Since chemotherapy targets the body, it can affect the hair follicles in the growing phase. Soon after chemotherapy begins approximately 90% or more of the hairs can fall out while still in the growing phase.

Traction alopecia

This condition is caused by localized trauma to the hair follicles from tight hairstyles that pull at hair over time. If the condition is detected early enough, the hair will regrow. Braiding, cornrows, tight ponytails, and extensions are the most common styling causes.


FAB the Salon offers non-surgical hair loss solutions in a friendly, comfortable, non-judgmental and private environment. Our solutions are customized to meet your needs. .

FAB Hair Loss Maria Before

FAB Hair Loss Maria Before

FAB Hair Loss Maria After

FAB Hair Loss Maria After

Feel like yourself again!

We have several affordable hair replacement systems that will allow you to feel like yourself again. The experts at FAB do more than just place a wig on top of your head but our highly trained staff conducts a scalp analysis to determine the best hair replacement option to support your lifestyle.

Get the look you’ve always wanted

FAB is ready to work you to create a flattering, natural look that fits your personal style. Restore your hair to its former look, or experiment with new styles to enhance your look and increase your confidence.
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